Why invest in digital?

We all know that digital and tech products are the future. It isn’t all shiny apps and gadgets (though they are a part of it).

The first two companies in our Accelerator cohort have both come up with products that make it easier for people to do what they do best.

Assemble.fm have a digital platform that will allow teams of tradespeople in the field to track each other and communicate in real time, which in turn improves productivity, efficiency, profitability and customer service.

The LandApp is a platform that allows land agents, land owners, housing trusts, etc., to be able to view who owns what land, what grants are available for improving the environmental aspects of their land, plan projects, see the topography of the land and more.

Our primary focus when looking at applicants for the Acceleration programme is that they have:-

  • A top notch core team with resilience, ability to learn, ability to act upon advice
  • A great idea with defensibility, that targets the right audience with the right marketing message
  • A realistic valuation of their company, along with a realistic expectation for funding
  • An appreciation of an investor’s point of view, and what they want to see from someone they will invest in

We are looking for investors from seed level forward (with any potential level of involvement),  and in return you’ll get the following.

Regular or ad-hoc deal reports on companies that you’re most likely to be interested in, with follow up conversations organised on your behalf.

  • Potential exposure to events to meet the broader eco-system
  • Potential networking meetings with other investors
  • Potential introductions to Angel syndicates (if you’d like to join one)
  • Potential to listen to pitches and help accelerator members refine their offering and help them improve it
  • Potential to make a real difference to the digital economy
  • Potential for ROI of 7x over 3 years because we’re so choosy over who goes through the programme and who passes the initial assessement

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.