What does it take to be a TechVelocity Partner?

We’ve partnered with the very best that Norwich and the world has to offer. They’re people we’ve had experience of, or have seen visually what they’re capable of.

From the world of finance, banking and data we have the likes of Grant Thornton, KPMG, Experian, IBM and Barclays to thank for joining us and sharing our vision, as well as Lovewell Blake locally.

We have a Platinum Partner in the form of Flagship Housing Group, who want to identify socially focused startups, and help support them and develop them in any way they can alongside TechVelocity.  They are that rare blend of socially and commercially dynamic, so have a lot to add potentially to any start up in the FM, housing, social or IoT arena.

In the creative community, we have some great boutique marketing, branding, PR and social agencies such as Creative Armoury (they did our branding!), Robot Mascot, User Story, Purple Tuesday, Fountain, Luminous PR and many more.

In the legal arena, we have Mills & Reeve, Lovewell Blake and Cracknell Law providing bespoke support for the full range of challenges that a startup or eco-system partner can face.

Aside from this we also have bespoke hosting providers like MigSolv and a wealth of trainers, mentors and business support companies that have experience of working with digital startups (and have made some large ones themselves).

Finally, we have strong ties with both Universities as we believe that the link between art & artisan is what brings success alongside the undoubted talent being produced at both institutions.  These in turn have great links into two of our biggest sponsors, the development and creative communities SyncNorwich and HotSource, the real hotbeds of digital talent in the city.

If you believe you can add something to the eco-system as a “best of the best” services supplier (or just get a warm glow for supporting something awesome), then Click here.